How I Landed A Job in Silicon Valley with Metro News

Silicon Valley. A place where brilliant minds collaborate and collide – where juggernaut tech companies reside – where I have always known as nothing more than home.

Born and raised in San Jose, Ca., I’ve always referred to Silicon Valley as home. Nothing special, nothing to brag about, just my humble beginnings. I left the area when I was 18 to create a new chapter of life in Los Angeles. I spent 11 years in the city of angels and in the Summer of 2017, I decided it was time I’d return. I would be closer to my family, friends, boyfriend, and start another new chapter. I ended up packing my bags and heading up north not realizing the realities of life in Silicon Valley.

Covering Laker’s Casino Night 2013 for Splash Magazines Worldwide

I gotta’ be honest with you. It was a rough few months. I had to figure out where I was going to live and most importantly where I was going to advance in my career. My field of choice had mostly been with L.A.’s media and entertainment industry. I’ve worked for online magazines and blogs, public relation firms, promotional model agencies – just to name a few. But I quickly realized I was no longer in the entertainment capital of the world. This was a new terrain and I had to get with it quick before I got left behind.

After about 5 months of questioning my fate in the SV, I decided it was time to muster up courage from within and go after a job at Silicon Valley’s leading alt. weekly newspaper – Metro News Silicon Valley. This paper was everything I loved. It covered politics, entertainment, music, nightlife, style, food, and it was the go-to resource for everything Silicon Valley! My blog was very similar to Metro as it covered a wide variety of topics. I enjoy being part of a little of everything and that’s what my blog was – a little of everything. And so was Metro. Thus, it was love at first sight for when I was introduced to a Metro Newspaper. Working with them would be a dream. But could I do it? Could I actually land a job at Silicon Valley’s leading weekly newspaper? I mean I’ve never worked with an actual print newspaper before. I’ve always worked online. I wasn’t sure if I would make the cut.

Working with my first print newspaper – Metro News

Could I land the job of my dreams?

The saying “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know” couldn’t be any more true for this story. To land the job of my dreams, I had to know the job of my dreams. And the current job of my dreams was the CEO and Publisher of Metro. Fortunately, I had met him the summer of 2016 in San Jose when I was in town for the summer. I was backstage at a Music in The Park concert covering the event for my blog. I met a few people that evening and Metro’s CEO was one individual I had the chance to network with. I was able to introduce him to my blog and a little bit about me. We exchanged cards and I followed up with a few emails, but never really heard from him again until running into him a few times when I moved back.

I thought about how to approach him and I was eventually led to visiting Metro’s headquarters. The CEO wasn’t there at the time and I wasn’t given much information about what to do for a job application. But that wasn’t going to stop me from trying. I left their offices and began thinking about my next steps. I knew I had his email so the next step would be just that. Re-introducing myself and my blog, I emailed him for a meeting to see if I would be a good fit for their advertising account executive position. To my surprise, he agreed. A few days later we met for a lunch meeting and I was given the opportunity to sell my experience. He immediately thought I’d be a great fit and the rest is history. It all happened so quick.

Metro News was a sponsor for Cinequest – Silicon Valley’s biggest film festival! I enjoyed our All Access Passes!

Where I am today

Today, I’m 5 months in working as an Advertising and Digital Marketing Account Executive for Metro – Silicon Valley’s leading newspaper. I have a great position, an awesome boss, incredible opportunities, and it’s the perfect positions for where I am in my life today. I can get very overwhelmed and stressed at times, but I am learning so many incredible skills and experience working with Silicon Valley business owners, who advertise with the Metro. I just can’t believe it was only 5 months ago that I was so uncertain about where I would end up in this town. I was losing hope in my job hunt for the right position, but I had to buck up and decide to go after what it was I truly wanted without going the usual “send my resume to as many companies as I can” route. This was a matter of using my network and the people I knew to give me a shot.

My advice in a nutshell

Network. Get to know your network. Have your network get to know you. Ask your network for opportunities. And keep an eye out for opportunities that could be beneficial them. You will never know what opportunities are available until you start talking to people and putting yourself out there. This will allow you to be more than just another resume stacked on someone’s desk.


My Battle with Anxiety

I’ve battled with anxiety since the age of 14. I remember being in Freshman year of high-school and having my first teenage relationship. He was 16, a poet, and sort of a bad-ass. I was in “puppy-love” and it was great when it was good, but it was awful when it was bad.

During the bad times, I found myself very sad, always crying, and extremely worried all the time. It was extremely hard to focus on daily activities, and there came a point where my body couldn’t handle all the emotions so I would just start throwing up. It was so bad. I would throw up in the middle of class, literally running to the garbage can spewing in front of all my peers. It would happen in the lunchrooms, at home, anywhere! My body couldn’t help whatever I was feeling at the time and that’s how it responded. I would pray to God in the mornings and ask Him to “please help me not throw up today.” Eventually, with therapy and growing a stronger mind, the throwing up stopped around the time I turned 16.

I experienced really bad anxiety again around the time I was 19 – 21 years old in another relationship. I was with someone who I loved dearly and couldn’t handle the heartbreak I felt at times throughout my relationship. My mind would be in worry overload and it would think the worst of situations and it literally drove me crazy at times – having panic attacks daily. I also became very impulsive and did things that were considered weird to him and his family (so embarrassing when I think of it now). But I know now that my actions were the consequences of fear-ridden, anxious thoughts that weren’t being addressed. Things got better for me as I started gaining new independence on my own in Los Angeles. Time heals many wounds and eventually, I moved on to focusing on having fun and living life to the fullest to the best of my abilities.

How I deal with anxiety

My anxiety comes and goes over time. Before, my anxiety stemmed from relationships and not feeling loved. However, today most of my anxiety stems from exploring new careers and uncertainty about my future. I’ve always done therapy to help out during the hard times of my anxiety phases, however, today I am taking a new approach because the symptoms are interfering with my career. My heart jumps out of my chest daily, I’m short of breath always, my thoughts run faster than I ever could, and my body either can’t stop shaking or tensing up. It’s one hell of a roller coaster that I now refuse to ride during my workday.

So, I found a great psychiatrist, who has evaluated my symptoms, including what is known as GADGeneral Anxiety Disorder. She recommended certain types of psychotherapy treatment and a few good psychologists. I have my intake this week and we will be doing CBT Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. I will tell you more about my experience with it once things get rolling. But she also recommended medication – Lexapro. I’ve never taken anxiety medication, so I was a bit nervous, but also excited. I’m taking half a pill right now and so far I feel great. I’m in my first few days and I haven’t felt anxious once. I can feel that my body wants to be anxious, but the meds won’t let it. I can feel the conflict inside me, but the medication is winning. I feel like it also has slowed down my thoughts and is helping me concentrate better. Hopefully, I won’t experience and downfalls to the medication, but it can happen.

Other things that work to reduce anxiety

I’ve also found a noticeable difference when I listen to motivational content in the mornings and throughout my days. I will YouTube motivational speeches or interviews and it will boost my mood immediately. The people I listen to are people who have found great success and are leaders in the world today. They believe in bettering ones-self in all aspects and listening to their stories and messages have helped me reframe many of my thoughts – from bad to good. Some other videos I listen to include mediation and worship music that help soothe my soul. Meditation is powerful and can help calm the body and mind down. Worship brings me a certain peace and joy that I don’t experience from anything else.

My hopes for living with anxiety

I hope to learn how to reframe my thoughts and the way I perceive situations that make me anxious. I hope to learn skills that will help me cope. And I hope to be an example to those who are looking for help with their anxiety because it’s a burden to their personal and professional lives. If I can defeat my anxiety, I know you can, too.